Lynn Neillie has been helping executives and sales professionals sharpen their presentation skills for more than two decades.

With a strong background in Fortune 500 marketing and communication and an astute eye for presentations excellence, Lynn understands the vital need for business professionals to communicate clearly, passionately and concisely in order to influence and sell.


Lynn Neillie, owner of Communication Partners

Lynn offers:

— Presentations Workshops

— 1-on-1 Customized Coaching

— Team Presentations Training

— Real-time Speech Preparation

Executives Lynn has helped come from companies such as Cisco, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Intel, PG&E, PwC, and Wells Fargo as well as a variety of small and mid-sized businesses and non-profits.

To contact Lynn about help with your next speech or presentation, you may reach her
by email at or by phone at 512.636.5340